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How Does Flat Bed Towing Work?

If you have a car, there’s a good chance you’ll need roadside assistance or towing services at some point. Whether you have a flat tire, a damaged vehicle, no gas, or the engine won’t start, a towing service can come to your rescue.

Perhaps you already know about flatbed towing services or have even used them before but need more clarification. In this post, we’ll discuss flatbed towing services and answer questions such as “what is flat bed towing?” and “how does flat bed towing work?”

What Is Flat Bed Towing?

Flatbed towing is one of the most popular ways to tow any vehicle. It allows towing companies to transport a variety of different size vehicles safely using a flatbed tow truck.

A flatbed tow truck refers to a vehicle with a flat, level bed or deck that the disabled or damaged vehicle drives or pulls onto before securing for transport. Unlike a wheeled dolly, the operator loads the entire vehicle onto the bed of the tow truck.

Flatbed tow trucks typically feature a tilt component and winch, which allows the operator to position the bed at the front of the wheels of the vehicle requiring towing services. The operator then uses the winch to pull the vehicle onto the tow truck flat bed before securing it in position.

Some tow trucks can transport two or more vehicles simultaneously. A flatbed tow truck allows you to keep your car safe and secure during the towing process. This may affect how long it takes for your vehicle to get back on the road after a breakdown or accident.

how does flat bed towing work

Benefits of Flatbed Towing

The most obvious advantage of flatbed towing is its efficiency. Unlike other kinds of towing, flatbed towing offers versatility as to the cars the towing service can transport.

Flatbed towing works for various cars, trucks, expensive vehicles, motorcycles, and all sorts of machinery. It also aids in towing and transporting larger vehicles such as boats or RVs. Additional benefits of flatbed towing include:

Helps Avoid Added Delivery Mileage

Car dealers and manufacturers often want to avoid car delivery mileage. Using tow truck flatbeds allows anyone to transport vehicles without adding extra miles.

Lower the Chances of Vehicle Damage

When using a flat bed towing service, expect safe transportation with a lower risk of damage. The tow flatbed secures your vehicle tightly and prevents tires from wearing out during the trip because they won’t be touching the ground.


When using a dolly, tow truck companies often have to disconnect the vehicle’s driveshaft to avoid damaging the transmission. This requires extra time and effort before pulling and transporting the car. However, a flatbed requires the operator to drive or pull the car up the ramp, secure it in place, then transport it.

It proves a fast and efficient process that requires no modifications to your vehicle.

When To Use Flatbed Towing Services

Although flatbed towing is a preferred option for almost any situation that requires roadside assistance or vehicle transportation, the following specific situations necessitate hiring a flatbed towing service.

When Transporting a Vehicle Long Distance

Even in the case of front-wheel-drive cars, you should know that a dolly exerts pressure on the vehicle’s back wheels, increasing wear and tear. Towing your vehicle with a dolly over a long distance may deteriorate the wheels and even damage the transmission. Thus, flatbed towing works well for long distances.

When Transporting Expensive Vehicles

Undeniably, towing with a dolly comes with several risks. Besides tire wear, the vehicle may get damaged or even disengage and fall off. This can result in unnecessary repairs or even the total loss of your vehicle. So if you have a vintage or expensive car, flatbed towing offers much-needed peace of mind.

In Unavoidable Circumstances

Flatbeds allow you to transport any vehicle regardless of the extent of the damage. In the case of an accident, vehicles sometimes become totaled and won’t move. It’s also possible that the car has misaligned wheels.

A flat bed tow makes transporting such vehicles possible.

When Transporting Lowered Cars

Towing a low vehicle with a dolly increases the chances of damage to the underside, exhaust, bumpers, oil pan, and more. A technician can load, transport, and offload a lowered vehicle on a towing flatbed with minimal risk and effort.

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