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How Long Does Triple-A Take?

The American Automobile Association, also known as AAA Auto Towing or Triple-A, helps motorists tow their vehicles when they need assistance. Although millions of Americans use AAA, many drivers have questions regarding the service, like “Do I have to be with my car for AAA to tow it?” “How Far will AAA tow?” and “Does the cardholder have to be present for AAA to arrive?” However, “How long does Triple-A take to arrive?” is easily the most prevalent question American motorists have for the towing company.

That’s why the towing experts at G&O Towing Inc. constructed a guide to answer the age-old question: “How long does Triple-A take?’

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How Long Does It Take for a Tow Truck To Arrive?

Figuring out how long you’ll wait for a towing company often depends on the way you contact the services. Studies show that people using an in-vehicle communication system receive emergency towing faster than those who call a Triple-A towing number using a cell phone. Motorists using mobile phones wait around 46 minutes for roadside assistance, while drivers utilizing in-vehicle communication devices receive aid in 34 minutes on average.

However, it’s important to note that these motorists aren’t receiving towing services from Triple-A. Most contact a manufacturer-sponsored towing company that usually doesn’t arrive as quickly as Triple-A and other independent companies.

How Long Does AAA Take To Arrive?

Triple-A frequently makes the top five roadside assistance programs in the United States, making it an industry leader. It’s built a reputation for swift response times, excellent customer service, and 24-hour emergency assistance. But how long does Triple-A take?

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Reports show that Triple-A users wait around 35 minutes for roadside assistance, making it one of the fastest towing services available. It has maintained its 35-minute response time for several years and continues frontrunning the independent towing industry.

How Many Tows Do You Get With AAA?

Triple-A members receive four free tows each year. The service also offers unlimited towing miles back to the towing service’s facility. Triple-A towers also provide free seven-mile tows from the vehicle’s breakdown point.

Can You Call AAA for Someone Else?

AAA car towing allows members to order towing services for other people as long as they are present when the tower arrives. Coverage isn’t limited to a specific vehicle, allowing members to request roadside assistance for any car or truck they drive or ride in. Simply contact AAA, provide your location, and a tow truck will rush to your aid.

Again, AAA members must be with the vehicle to qualify for towing services. They can’t call the service for non-members if they aren’t present when the tow truck arrives. Keep this in mind if a friend or family member needs roadside assistance and you aren’t at the breakdown site.

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