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How To Find Who Towed My Car

Have you ever been enjoying a night on the town and returned to your parking space only to find your car missing? Municipal streets maintain strict enforcement of parking laws, and may begin towing an illegally parked car minutes after you finish parking. But, if you are wondering, “Who towed my car?” we can help. 

Determining when your car was towed, and the towing company responsible for displacing your vehicle proves difficult. Some towing companies may leave a receipt on your car indicating the reason and the time your vehicle was towed, but that doesn’t help individuals who return to their empty parking space hours after towing services leave. 

Don’t panic if you can’t readily discern the towing company responsible for removing your vehicle. Take a deep breath, note the specific town, street, and neighborhood your car was towed, and rest assured you’ll find your vehicle shortly. Please continue reading to learn the answer to your question, “Who towed my car?”

How to Avoid Your Car Being Towed 

Dealing with a missing, towed car causes distress, frustration, and panic. Before scouring the yellow pages for local towing companies, learn more about the best ways to avoid your car getting towed. A thorough understanding of basic parking laws in your town may save you hundreds of dollars of fines and countless minutes of grief. 

Many townships and police departments post local parking laws on their websites for easy access. Consider enrolling in a safety driving course to learn about everyday driving and parking mistakes. The essential parking laws to consider include the following: 

  • Never park next to a fire hydrant
  • Avoid street parking that blocks driveways and walkways
  • Avoid leaving your car parked overnight in a public parking lot 
  • Never park in designated handicapped spaces 
  • Avoid parking next to a red or yellow curb  

Always look out for parking signs that display helpful parking restrictions. Common parking signs may indicate “20 Minute Parking,” “No Parking Between 10 am and 5 pm,” or “No Parking Anytime.” Professional towing services may also tow your car if you fail to pay parking meters. 

How to Find Where Car Was Towed 

If you’ve already panic searched on Google “How to find my towed car” or “my car got towed and I don’t know where it is, ” we can help. Finding out which towing company towed your car may prove more straightforward than you think. Stay calm, relax, and let us help you find your missing vehicle. 

Consider the following tips for finding your towed vehicle: 

Check the Signs 

Answering the question, “Where did my car get towed” may prove as easy as reading the nearby parking signage. Many parking signs, especially ones that explicitly read “Violators Will Be Towed,” have tow company information listed on the bottom. Thoroughly inspect all the parking signs lining the street where your car was towed. 

Contact the Authorities

Police agencies work closely with towing companies processing and storing towed vehicles. Do not call 911; your towed vehicle may feel like an emergency, but 911 remains an essential public safety communication line. Dial 411 instead to connect to the front desk of local police agencies for more information about your towed vehicle. 

Always have the model, age, color, and type of vehicle handy for improved communication with police agencies. Unpaid speeding or parking tickets, warrants, clear parking violations, and criminal behavior may all give police agency’s liberty to tow your vehicle. At the very least, police agencies can provide information about local towing companies. 

The Yellow Pages

Phone books still provide essential information about local businesses. Track down a phonebook to find all the listings of local towing companies. Unless your car was towed in a major city, you might only have to sort through a small number of local towing companies. Call each towing company listed in the phone book to “find out who towed my car?”

If the towing companies you contact do not have any information about your vehicle, ask the towing experts if they know which towing companies usually work on the street your car was towed. If you see anyone standing near where your car was parked, ask them if they noticed a tow truck recently. 

Additional Tips for How to Find Out Who Towed My Car 

Determining “what tow company has my car” may seem impossible, but drivers have many avenues for discerning which tow company has their vehicle. For example, if you parked near a local business, ask the business owners which tow trucks frequent their street. Perhaps someone inside the business was present when your car was towed. 

Consider these additional tips to help you solve the problem, “how do I find out who towed my car”: 

VIN Numbers

Many police departments can locate a missing vehicle by using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your vehicle. You can find the VIN on the drivers-side door, near the bottom corner of the windshield, or within the door jam. Store your vehicle’s VIN in your phone to make finding your towed vehicle much more manageable. 

Credit Card Statement 

If a towing company charges your credit card, you can trace the payment back to the towing company that has your car. Retrieve your most current credit card statement to determine any recent expenses paid to tow companies. Tow companies serve the local community and will do everything they can to help you find out “who towed my car.” 

Trust G and O Towing for Help Finding Your Towed Vehicle 

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