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What To Do if You Run Out of Gas

Running out of gas and becoming stranded in a strange place is a nightmare most drivers want to avoid. However, sometimes it’s unavoidable and requires car owners to act quickly before the situation worsens. Unfortunately, many California residents don’t know what to do if their car runs out of gas.

That’s why G&O Towing constructed a brief guide to teach you what to do if your car runs out of gas.

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What To Do If You Run Out of Gas: Best Practices

Understanding what to do if your car runs out of gas is a lifesaver in many situations, especially in turbulent weather. Fortunately, drivers have several options if their car’s out of gas. Follow the steps below if your car runs out of gas.

Step One: Pull Over in a Safe Location

Running out of gas on a busy highway is exceedingly dangerous if you don’t pull over before the vehicle gives out entirely. You must turn your hazard lights on and pull over as soon as you notice your gas running out. Failing to do so increases the chances of a severe collision, putting you and other drivers at risk.

The right shoulder lane is one of the best places to pull over when your car runs out of gas. It’s out of the way of incoming traffic and ensures your vehicle remains safe until help arrives. If your car ran out of gas before you can pull over, exit the vehicle when the road clears and find a safe location to stand before calling for help.

Step Two: Determine Your Location

Understanding where you are when you run out of gas is essential when calling for help. Roadside assistance can’t send help if it doesn’t know your location, leaving you stranded for several hours. After pulling over, determine the following before contacting assistance or nearby gas stations.

  • Name of the street or highway
  • The direction you were traveling
  • Significant landmarks
  • The nearest mile marker

However, the best way to determine your location is to use a GPS to identify your coordinates. Most smartphones have a built-in GPS that will help you find your location.

Step Three: Call Roadside Assistance

After determining your location, contact roadside assistance and explain that your car’s out of gas. Roadside assistance will send a fuel delivery service, a tow truck, or a professional with a gas can to help you refuel your vehicle. They will take you and/or your vehicle to the nearest gas station, allowing you to refill your car and get back on the road.

If roadside assistance sends a fuel delivery service, tell them your vehicle’s required fuel type to ensure they deliver the correct variation. Roadside assistance provides free gas or will charge you later on.

What To Do if You Run Out of Gas and Can’t Access Roadside Assistance

Sometimes vehicles run out of gas in rural areas without phone reception, making it nearly impossible to contact roadside assistance. These situations require a few extra steps to resolve. If your car’s out of gas and you can’t call roadside assistance, perform the following.

Flag Down Help

Although calling roadside assistance is the best way to receive help when you run out of gas, flagging down another driver is the second best option. Many drivers will stop and offer help if they notice someone in need. Some even carry spare gas cans and will bring you gas once they understand the situation.

However, it’s best not to ask strangers for rides unless it’s the last resort. Before asking a stranger for a ride, see if they will bring you some gas instead. You can also ask to use their phone to contact roadside assistance if they have phone service. If they refuse to bring you gas or call for help and only offer you a ride, decline their offer and flag down another driver.

Walk to the Nearest Gas Station

If you can’t contact roadside assistance or flag down another driver, walk to the nearest gas station. However, walking to a gas station is the last resort when your vehicle runs out of gas. Only walk to a gas station if all the above steps fail.

That said, if you have to walk to a gas station, never walk in the direction you were driving to. Always walk in the direction you came from to avoid getting lost.

Also, take water and snacks if possible. Sometimes gas stations are far away and take time to reach. You also want to wear bright clothes and remain visible to ensure other drivers can see you as you walk along the road.

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