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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would I Need to Be Towed?

If you’re stranded on the side of the road, a tow truck can help get you back on your way. Whether you’ve run out of gas, have a flat tire, or need to be pulled out of a ditch, a tow truck can come to your rescue.


Of course, there are some situations where you may not need a tow truck. If you have a spare tire and can change it yourself, or if you can push your car out of a snowbank, you may be able to avoid the cost of a tow. But if you’re in a jam and need some assistance, a tow truck can be a lifesaver.

Roadside assistance and towing costs are not typically covered by your car insurance policy. However, some insurers offer these services as add-ons for an additional cost. Be sure to check with your insurer to see if they offer roadside assistance or towing coverage, and if so, how much it will cost you.

If you’re in an accident and your car needs to be towed from the scene, you may be responsible for the cost of the tow.

The average cost of a tow can vary depending on the distance of the tow and other factors. If you have comprehensive and collision coverage, your insurer may reimburse you for the cost of the tow up to your policy limit.

If your vehicle needs to be towed after an accident, you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Your insurance company will then arrange for a tow truck to take your vehicle to the nearest repair facility. In some cases, your insurance company may even cover the cost of the tow.

1. The vehicle must be disabled and unable to be driven.

2. The owner of the vehicle must provide proof of ownership.

3. The owner of the vehicle must provide consent for the recovery.

4. The tow truck company must have the proper equipment to safely transport the vehicle.

The typical turnaround time for a vehicle recovery is approximately 24 hours. However, this may vary depending on the location of the call and the availability of resources.

Most people believe that towing is very tough on cars. However, with the right type of equipment and care, towing can actually be quite safe for your vehicle.

No, flatbed tow trucks are not required for all-wheel-drive cars. However, if your car has front-wheel drive, then a flatbed tow truck may be required.

Yes, you can tow your car with the drive wheels on the ground, but it is not recommended. Automatic transmissions can be damaged if they are towed with the drive wheels on the ground. If you must tow your car with the drive wheels on the ground, make sure to use a low gear and go slowly.

The time it takes to have your car towed will depend on the distance it needs to be towed and the type of vehicle you have. Generally, it takes 30 minutes to an hour.

Yes, tow trucks are inspected for road worthiness. The inspection includes a check of the brakes, tires, lights, and other safety equipment. Our operator’s must also have a valid driver’s license.